Headquarter Mazda Oil Change in Clermont, Florida

Oil Change at Headquarter Mazda in Clermont, Florida

Think of oil as the stuff that lets all the moving parts of your car get along with one another. If Mazda oil levels are low or the quality of the oil is bad, your vehicle’s parts will be damaged by increased friction. This results in components wearing down faster and eventually, costly repairs.

Keep Things Running Smooth | Get Your Oil Changed at Headquarter Mazda

Why is getting my car’s oil changed important?

Because your engine consists of many different moving parts, you need quality oil to lubricate those parts and keep things running smoothly. The dirtier the oil, the more wear is placed on your vehicle’s components. Low quality oil eventually leads to engine damage. Keeping up with regular oil changes ensures your Mazda always has a healthy amount of lubrication to keep it functioning properly.

How do I know when my car needs an oil change?

The general rule of thumb is that you should have your Mazda oil checked or changed every 3,000 to 10,000 miles. Consult your car’s manual to be sure of the proper time to get an oil change, because this number changes with every make and model. It’s also good to look out for any of the following warning signs that your oil quality is low:

  • The check engine light appears
  • Oil is dark in color or appears dirty
  • Louder than usual sounds coming from your engine
  • The level of your oil is lower than recommended

How do I check the oil in my car myself?

Checking the oil in your own car is a quick and easy process. Follow these steps to check both the quality and level of your oil with a dipstick:

  • Be sure that before you begin, your engine has been turned off for at least ten minutes
  • Open your hood and find the dipstick
  • Remove the dipstick and wipe it over a clean cloth
  • Put the dipstick back in the reservoir and pull it out one more time
  • Examine the oily film present on the end of the dipstick

If the oily film appears dirty, silty, or dark in color, it’s time to get an oil change.

What happens during a professional oil change?

When we change your oil, we complete the following steps:

  • The quality and level of your oil is determined
  • Old oil is drained and removed
  • We replace your old oil filter
  • We add new, quality oil to your reservoir

Where can I get an oil change near me?

The experts at Headquarter Mazda are highly skilled and comprehensively trained, making sure that your car is in the best hands possible. When it’s time for an oil change, Clermont, FL drivers come to Headquarter Mazda. Contact us to ask any questions or to schedule your oil change in Clermont, FL today.